Year Name                                                                                                                                                       Location            
2009 KW Mayerhofen penstock Austria
2007 Feasibility study hydro powerplant Ybbs Austria
2007 Reconstruction of damage due to ship accident, hydropower plant Abwinden Asten Austria
2006 Design sliding gate incl. drive mechanism, harbour Freudenau Austria
2006 Asessment of total hydraulic steel components incl. drive and control system, water gate Nussdorf Austria
2006 Refurbishment of steel structures, hydro powerplant Ottensheim Austria
2005 Design of barrage gate, Dummugudem India
2005 Equipment for sand separation Powerstation Brennerwerk Austria
2005 Gates Pichlern, Enns Austria
2004 Stoplocks Powerstation Kirchbichl, Inn Austria
2004 Sliding gates Harbour Krems Austria
2004 Gates for Rehabilitation powerstation Bistrice Albania
2003 Sliding gate incl. drive mechanism, harbour Krems Austria
2003 Design of sliding lock gate, hydro powerplant, Bistrice Austria
2003 Barrage Nussdorf, Danube canal Austria
2001 Locks Ülzen Mittelland Canal Germany
1997 Redesign and manufacturing of mitre gate structure, water gate Pinopolis USA